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"Two hour tour with walkabout and film"
Includes Native American and Hipstory exhibits,
solar electric and hot water,
tipi, hippie bus, garden and natural swimming pool.

Museum Admission: $7. Adult, $3.50 children under 12.
We are a non-profit organization and your donations are tax deductible!

For guided tours featuring a movie, Hipstory, tracing Woodstock Festival roots from early Woodstock Festivals through Woodstock 69, 94, 99 legacies, including the 1st Rainbow Gathering in '72 to Woodstock's hippy sister city Nimbin, Australia, now in it's 3rd generation. See first hand sustainable energy in the living museum. The truth about organics, solar energy, marijuana and questioning authority. How to own land in common, work less, create more music & art, build your own, and Native American imperatives.

"HIPSTORY" Premieres in Woodstock

Woodstock Museum presents a film tribute to the 40th Anniversary of '69 with it's new release
"HIPSTORY: Woodstock the Town, the Festival(s) and the Notion", shown as part of the tour,

HIPSTORY shows an historic chronology from Woodstock to Bethel, Saugerties, Rome and beyond, featuring related gatherings, festivals and Woodstock's official sister city, Nimbin, Australia (surrounded by 200 intentional communities), re-birthed after the 1973 Aquartius Festival, Australia's answer to Woodstock.. Discuss the museum's vision with founders Shelli Lipton and Nathan Koenig. Hear what historian Alf Evers said about it.

The film HIPSTORY premiered at the Intercollegiate Broadcasting System (IBS) national convention held this Spring in NYC. Norman Prusslin, President of IBS and Faculty Director of State University of New York (SUNY)-Stony Brook gave it a thumbs up when seeing Jimmy Hendrix playing the Star Spangled Banner from the '69 festival, illustrated with images of war and peace.

Student comments ran the gamut, "Do you think Woodstock now has a bad name because of the Rome concert? I never knew the real legacy of Woodstock was so much more than the music." "Woodstock has a sister city in Nimbin, Australia?" "It's amazing how the White Buffalo appeared at the The 1st Rainbow Gathering and the Hopi prophecy about the return of the long-haired, people of peace that sounds like Hopi."

Here's what the Director said "I would like to sincerely thank you for your participation at this year's IBS conference, and for putting together what turned out to be an amazing presentation. The reviews that we have received have been universally positive, and we greatly appreciate all the work and effort you put into your presentation at the conference. We hope that you will be able to join us again next year for IBS 2010 in NYC."

Said Kelly Arthur, "After viewing your film I realized that the values I grew up with as a child of the '60s were important, VITAL to today's youth! My mom
took me to war protests and enrolled me in an inter-racial school across town so that I would be exposed to something other than a "whitebread" suburban life! Through art, creative writing, music and other fields, I want to teach a group of 10 girls, ages 10-12 from around the country, peacemaking skills. I believe that this generation of kids is becoming more and more insular and need to be made aware of the world around them, environmentally, politically, socially. I think your work is amazing and sorelevant. I'd love to share you with the peacemakers of the future." The spirit of Woodstock lives
in the hearts and minds of folks around the world.

Says museum co-founder Shelli Lipton, "Flower Children" are those of us more closely
connected to the earth. That sounds like most of us." Says Nathan Koenig at the beginning of each museum tour, "The hippies were right!"


These and other films by appointment:
The 60's Revolation
Dalai Lama
"Woodstock… Can't Get there from Here" is a cool, new doco on the historic eras of the Woodstock the Art Colony by David McDonald. (1hour 25minutes)
"Lifestyles of the Solar Famous" An edutaining way to learn all about solar from low-cost scrounge technology to high-end state-of-the-art. It shows how PV works, even in cold climates.
This is not a how-to video but a fun excursion into the technology of sustainable living.
(1hour 15minutes)
"Woodstock Downunder" Woodstock's official sister city Nimbin, Australia is a hippie town surrounded by over 200 alternative communities.
What began in the San Francisco '67 Summer of Love and peaked at Woodstock took root in Nimbin. Lessons learned about freedom from alternative lifestyles, intentional communities, environmental activism, aboriginal respect and ending the drug war through education and reform, all while having fun." This piece highlights the Nimbin Mardi Grass Festival.
(1hour 34minutes)

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