In support and celebration (of healing) there will be a Tues. Nov. 15th, 7pm open mic featuring peace-seeking world beat musician free spirit Fantuzzi live concert at Woodstock Museum in West Saugerties.
This free event is for all Fantuzzi supporters to see that he is in good spirits and is up and out of the hospital after a recent diving accident. It will be a fitting gesture for the community to attend with all good healing vibes.
His neck has been compromised and Fantuzzi is now weighing his options regarding surgery.

What the heck is a Fantuzzi? “I’d describe myself as a global troubadour and fun master. I’ve brought celebration and joy to circles pretty much all over the globe for the last 25 or 30 years.”

He proves it, too, with tales of musical travels to faraway places-Bali, Morocco, Brazil, Jamaica, India, Israel, Australia, Woodstock, Puna.
“I’m a Puna-tic all the way, bruddah,” Fantuzzi said of his five years on the Big Island of Hawaii in the mid-80s.
Fantuzzi claims San Francisco as his base, but confessed that wherever he lays one of his many hats is home. Since 1992, he’s been globetrotting on a self-financed, open-ended “Save the Earth Tour and World Peace Pilgrimage” of music and peace sharing.
Fantuzzi is a born dancer, has African/Puerto Rican roots and derives inspiration from Ashtanga, Tibetan rights, a mixture of many schools of yoga and body training. He has inspired many with his hand drumming workshops of African, Latin, Tribal and his own original mix.
Fantuzzi has jammed on-stage with Richie Havens, Taj Mahal, Billy Preston, Babatunde Olatunji and Tommy Chong. He spins yarns about meeting and jamming off-stage with Bob Dylan and Paul Simon.
“I like my freedom, bro. I’ve had the most amazing, free life. I can choose to go anywhere anytime. It’s a huge blessing. And I’ll go wherever the wind blows me.”
It seems like the west wind is blowing him back here. Directions to Woodstock Museum online at or Contact: Shelli Lipton, Dir. call 845 246-0600 for more information.
Refreshments available.

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