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A sequel to "THEY LIED TO YOU IN SCHOOL," "BEWARE OF MANKIND" features Ray Fadden/Tehanetorens. Ray is a much-needed mentor for present and future generations,
a naturalist who conveys our interdependence with the natural world and hears its prophetic
warning cries. While "THEY LIED TO YOU IN SCHOOL," shows Ray in a feisty,
school teacher mode, teaching about the contributions of all races and emphasizing his
Iroquois/Mohawk roots, "BEWARE OF MANKIND" shows Ray's more casual, philosophical side,
as he sits on his porch in the Adirondacks being interviewed while huge bears roam the yard for
the food Ray feels he must provide for their survival.

Joanne Shenandoah contributes her extraordinary talent as one of the most popular, contemporary,
Native American singers. "Mother Earth Speaks" is about the "Peacemaker," who symbolically
buried weapons of war under the tree of peace, forming the Iroquois Confederacy, which later
influenced America's ideals of freedom and "government of, by and for the people." Joanne's
"America" was sung at the white house after winning a competition for a new national anthem.
Here, she sings it at the opening of Woodstock '94.

Tehanatorens says:

"I'm not afraid of the bears. I'm afraid of the ones that invented germ warfare, chemical warfare,
poison gases, bombs, guns, battleships, dynamite, torpedos, defoliation, pesticides, and biological
warfare. These are the ones you have to be scared of…the only animal that kills their own kind,
makes a business out of it…

Contrary to that big lie that was slapped in my face when I was going to school about how Indians
treat their women, believe me, white women in this country would envy the rights of ancient,
Iroquois women…

What are you damn fools trying to play God for? Every time you try to play God, you hurt this
earth a little bit more. You take away the future of our children…

Anyone with any intelligence knows you don't cut trees on the side of a hill or mountain.
But for that precious dollar bill they worship so much, they've stripped those beautiful forests
from California along the coast and what happened right afterwards?
The mud floods started covering their fancy houses. Did they learn anything? No, money first always."

Ray Fadden, (Tehanatorens is his Mohawk Name), is founder of the Six Nations Indian Museum
in Onchiota, New York (located between Paul Smith College and Saranac Lake). The museum is
now open in summer, and managed by his son John, who is also a teacher and an artist whose
traditional work can be found in many books and publications. The grandsons, now fully grown,
also help with the museum and teach Iroquois lore.

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