American Indian Prophecies
A White Buffalo Multimedia Production

Thomas Banyacya with Oren Lyons interpreting "Prophecy Rock" in Hopi Land.

This double CD is a definite collector's item for anyone interested in
Native American spirituality and its message to all people of the earth.

CD 1:
1. Chief Oren Lyons (Onondaga Faith keeper)
2. Phillip Deere (Muskogee-Creek Medicine Man)
3. Chief Jake Swamp (Mohawk)
4. Janet McCloud (Tulalip)

1. Nathan Koenig & Grandfather David Monongye (Hopi) from "Ancient Prophecies Future Visions" multimedia program)
2. Bill Kimmey (Interpreter)
3. David Monongye (Keeper of the Hopi Prophecy)
4. Russell Means (Lakota)
5. John Trudell (Lakota)
6. Thomas Banyacya (Keeper of the Hopi Prophecy)
7. Clyde Bellecourt (Anishanabeg)
8. Floyd Westerman (Dakota)

Prophecies are intended to warn, instruct and awaken. More importantly, prophecies are meant to be averted through conscious choice and action. The Native Americans on this CD are some of the most respected orators of their generation.

Hopi elders Thomas Banyacya and Grandfather David Monongye, devoted their lives to spreading their ancient culture's prophecies for the first time to the world. As instructed by chief Dan Kachongva in the 1940s, they knocked four times on the "house of Mica at the edge of the ocean," which depicted the U.N. as described by Hopi ancestors before it was built. The forth visit was in 1993, when Banyacya and Indian tribes from the four directions recited their prophecies and still did not get the attention many believed was required to avert a great purification.

Phillip Deere was a great influence on the formation of the American Indian Movement (A.I.M.). Young Indian activists would come to meetings at his Oklahoma home to reconnect with their spirituality. Many of the others on this video were major players in A.I.M.

Chiefs Oren Lyons and Jake Swamp are well-known Haudenasaunee or Iroquois chiefs. They represent the Iroquois Confederacy and the Great Law of Peace, which had a powerful influence on the U.S. Constitution. Both have represented their culture internationally for many years.

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