Festival of Highlights
Woodstock Museum’s 12th Annual FREE Film Festival will be held at the Museum site 
Sept. 2-5, Labor Day weekend at 13 Bach Rd., Saugerties, NY
With movies from alternative filmmakers, music to dance by, outdoor light shows with Jim C.,
Nighttime bocce and a fireside café with homemade sandwiches and desserts.

Weekend museum tours are still in effect 12-4PM.
It includes walkabout tour, demonstration of sustainable living, artifacts and a movie "Hipstory." 
The tour empowers people and explores Woodstock the town, the festivals and the notion.

Friday Sept. 2
    7PM Opening Ceremony Music with Paul McMahon, the rock ‘n roll therapist.
Paul improvists songs based on your requests.
  7:50PM   Isla de la Piedra (Stone Island)  A glimpse into life on the beach on an island 8 minutes from Mazatlan, Mexico. A travelogue for those who want  to live healthy with an internet connection from mid-Nov. to mid-Apr. Affordable rates. Filmmakers Shelli Lipton & Nathan Koenig.
    8PM The Adventures of Joe and Charlie More hilarious true stories about dealing pot and LSD back in the 1960s. Joe was busted and is presently challenging the court system using sovereign rights to defend himself as he has done before. Q & A with Joe Barton.
  9:20PM  Escape Velocity explores the connection between  A.D.D. (Attention Deficit Disorder) and creativity.  Experimental filmmaker Scott Lignon uses hilarious, self-depreciating examples. Best Animation in International Disability `Festival.
    9:45PM   Sarangerel Speaks on Mongolian Shamanism. Sarangerel  led workshops at Woodstock Museum and is author of  Riding Windhorses and Chosen by the Spirits.

Saturday Sept. 3
  7PM  Isla de la Piedra (Stone Island)  See Fri. 7:50PM for description.
  7:15PM   Ancient Prophecies, Future Visions     Cultural prophecies of the Hopi, Aztec, Maya, Hindu, Tibetan and Iroquois peoples.  Ram Das said: “This is the first time I experienced prophecy as a vehicle for growth.” Q & A with multimedia artist Nathan Koenig aka “White Buffalo”.
  8:30PM Hot Afternoons Have Been in Montana Based on the 1925 Nation Magazine’s prize-winning poem by Eli Siegel, the film is a colorful and dramatic montage combining photographs, live-action and computerized special effects to show how a hot afternoon in Montana has something in common with all other things. Filmmaker has won an Emmy and many other awards. Ken Kimmelman.
    9PM   Paradiso   A man in Derry, Ireland decides it’s time to challenge one of the monstrosities left by the war – fear. He reunites his former band, the Signetts, hoping to get Protestants and Catholics dancing together Director Alessandro Negrini. Winner of Best documentary and multiple awards.
  10:15PM   Hofmann’s Potion  Long before Timothy Leary urged a generation to "tune in, turn on and drop out," scientists were hailing LSD as a powerful tool to treat alcoholism, drug addiction and schizophrenia. This film tells the fascinating story of LSD, beginning with its discovery in 1943. Directed by Connie Littlefield.

Sunday Sept. 4
  7PM Woodstock Peace The Woodstock community gathers on its village green to celebrate a hand-crafted monument engraved in many languages with "May Peace Prevail on Earth." Filmmakers Nathan Koenig & Shelli Lipton.
    7:15PM   Blossoms of Fire   celebrates the lives of the Isthmus Zapotecs of southern Oaxaca, Mexico, whose strong work ethic and fierce independent streak have resulted in powerful women, progressive politics and unusual tolerance of alternative gender roles. Maureen Gosling.
  8:30PM   Brushstrokes The age old problem of dealing with others. Animation illustrates, through humor and abstraction, the irrationality of prejudice, demonstrating that differences can be merged into peace. Ken Kimmelman
  8:40PM   Papalotzin   Filmmaker and pilot, in an ultra light glider painted like a monarch butterfly, follow the migration of monarchs on the 2,500 mile journey from Canada to Mexico. It’s a poetic, environmental metaphor affecting three nations and all living beings. Director Gregory Allen.
  10:20PM   Isla de la Piedra (Stone Island)  A glimpse into life on the beach on an island 8 minutes from Mazatlan, Mexico. A travelogue for those who want  to live healthy with an internet connection from mid-Nov. to mid-Apr. Affordable rates. Filmmakers Shelli Lipton & Nathan Koenig.
  10:45PM   Clowns on the Left   Animated dreams where clowns are everyone everywhere. Catchy mantra catches audience to chime in. Mick Cusimano.
    10:50PM   When Kiran Met Karen A beautiful actress uses an influential man in her rise to stardom. She then becomes romantically involved with a woman. Award winning film. Manon Singh Katohora.

Monday Sept. 5
  2PM  Isla de la Piedra (Stone Island) )  See Fri. 7:50PM for description.
  2:10PM  Tao of the Traveler   The Seven Keys of Enlightenment. When knowledge as old as time enters her hands, the journey she never intended begins, a vision quest through New Zealand, Australia and India. Director Robin Ramsay.
  3:25PM Brothers in Arms   Boxhead and Roundhead are a pair of animated innocents living in world of monsters, bad weather, hostile natives, war and just about everything else that makes life hard to enjoy. Elliot Cowan.
  3:30PM  The Garth Method    Unemployed actor Garth Petridis was imprisoned for one of the most unusual crimes in Australian history. Desperate for success, he kidnapped members of the public and forced them to perform in a bizarre comedy. Gregory Pakis.
    5PM VW Burnout Hippie John’s VW bus catches fire on the way to a festival. The nostalgic remains are sadly examined with special emphasis of The Grateful Dead. So why are we laughing? Nathan Koenig & John Sekoch.
    5:10PM   Storm Over Asia­   premieres with new commentary by Sarangerel, this historic film of Mongolian life and its challenges in the early 20th century. Potomok Chingiskhana.
  7:30PM   Human Park Filmmaker Mick Cusimano animates dinosaurs and more familiar animals from our kingdom from a reverse viewpoint. The human species becomes zoo exhibits.
    7:35PM XX, X1/2 & ? Transvestites, couples, families & employers. Each character has heart & soul. It’s a story of love, compassion & understanding. Filmmaker Jai Young Choi challenges preconceived views about gender.
  8:15PM   Time After Time A jubilant interpretation of the human spirit, a symphony of images, music and poetry though time and cultures by Mareid Sullivan. An artistic film that captures the beauty of nature in a lyrical way.

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